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Will you be expanding your hours?

As a small business owners, we value our customers and understand their desire for convenience and accessibility. However, as a small shop, we also prioritize the well-being and balance of our staff and ourselves.

By being open four days a week, we are able to manage our workload in a way that allows us to maintain a high level of quality and attention to detail in everything we do. This means that we are able to take the necessary time to carefully prepare our food and drinks, ensuring that each customer receives the best possible experience.

Moreover, by limiting our hours of operation, we are able to maintain a healthier work-life balance for ourselves and our staff. This means that we are able to recharge and refocus our energy, ultimately allowing us to provide better service to our customers when we are open.

We hope that our customers can appreciate and support our decision to prioritize quality and balance in our small business. Thank you for understanding!

Do you cater?

Our priority is to provide high-quality service to our in-store customers during our operating hours. Therefore, we do not offer catering services at this time.

Do you make everything in-house?


Are you [insert allergen] friendly? Our kitchen will not be free of any known food allergens. While all efforts will be made to prevent cross-contamination, we absolutely cannot make any guarantees.

Do you have any seating? We have some seating along the front window of our shop, and standing room around the center table, so feel free to enjoy your coffee + baked goods inside! We also have 3 tables outside along the sidewalk.

Do you have a public bathroom? We do not, sorry! In order to streamline our buildout, minimize the need for more trenching, and deal with more headaches involving the city building inspector, we decided to utilize the plumbing/placement of the bathroom prior to our buildout. See here. Our only bathroom is located in our back of house and only employees are allowed in that area for safety (high slip and fall risk) as well as workers compensation + insurance purposes.

Are you pet friendly? Only service animals are allowed. Sorry, but emotional support animals are not as they have not been trained to perform a specific job or task and do not qualify as service animals under the ADA.

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